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BABB: bank account based blockchain Medium.
BABB: bank account based blockchain. BABB hosts BAXmas! Last night we held our BAXmas partya Christmas meetup with a valuable panel. BABB: bank account based blockchain. Announcing: BABB token sale. We are excited to announce the details of our 2018 token sale.
BOUNTYBABB Bank Account Based Blockchain UP TO 1M IN BOUNTIES.
500-1500 Followers/Friends: 10 stakes for liking BABB page, 2 stakes for liking posts and 10 stakes for sharing posts. 1500-3000 Followers/Friends: 20 stakes for liking BABB page, 4 stake for liking posts and 20 stakes for sharing posts. 3000 Plus Followers/Friends: 30 stakes for liking BABB page, 6 stake for liking posts and 30 stakes for sharing posts.
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Babb App builds Ethereum Smart Contracts banking platform.
BABB App Ltd is creating a bank based on a permissioned blockchain implementation of a distributed ledger using Ethereum Smart Contracts banking platform, being developed by BABB Ltd. The BABB banking platform will operate a decentralised information model to minimise costs while maximising data fidelity and security.
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BABB: Next-Generation Blockchain Bank Crypto Judgement Medium.
Once they entered the information, users become their own bank: Money can be sent to any other BABB user across the world at very low cost using digital identity verification and currencies can directly be exchanged without the need for any middleman.
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BABB is Using AI, Chatbots and Blockchain to Bring Back Social Banking Bank Innovation Bank Innovation.
Thats why one soon-to-be bank in London has them all. The goal of BABB which stands for Bank Account Based Blockchain is to make everyone a bank by using blockchain, but also by applying tools and technologies like machine learning, chatbots, biometrics, and artificial intelligence.
BABB Is Building a Mobile Bank on Blockchain Tech But Sticking With Fiat Nasdaq.com.
March 16, 2017, 030630: PM EDT By Alex Lielacher, Bitcoin Magazine. The U.K.-based fintech startup BABB, which stands for Bank Account Based Blockchain, is developing a mobile banking app using blockchain technology that will allow everyone" to be a bank."
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Urban Dictionary: BABB.
Chris is known to Babb his friends by having them get out to push his car up an icy hill and then driving away before they get back in; thereby leaving them to walk for five miles in a snow storm with no jackets.

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